Photo of the Week Goes to Hazelnut Photography

Posted on April 8th, 2009 by Monica in Photo Of The Week

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Jordana Hazel is a wonderfully talented wedding photographer from the L.A. area. She has an obvious passion for photography and that shows in all of her images.


I fell in love with this photo the first time I saw it. I am a sucker for all things vintage. I love the old planes and the vintage suit case she is sitting on. She has more photos in this series, and they are all awesome.

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21 Responses to “Photo of the Week Goes to Hazelnut Photography”

  1. it will recall those old times, i love this photo!

  2. What a neat photo. Such a mixture of what seems old along with the new. I wish I could photograph like that.

  3. Lovely Photo!

  4. Jordana is an amazing photographer! Definitely check out her site and book her if you can! Love her work!

  5. Jordana is awesome! I’m so lucky i snatched her up for my March 2010 wedding! She rocks!

  6. Love the vintage look. The plane and the bag make the shot. Good job

  7. Speak of simply stunning background features, the photo has the look-at-me factor.

  8. nice setting. it works.

  9. That is an absolutely beautiful photo!

  10. Such a mixture of what seems old along with the new. I wish I could photograph like that.

  11. These photos are more like Art. A wonderful keepsake for your wedding day. :)

  12. [...] Photo of the Week Goes to Hazelnut Photography [...]

  13. I want to say: “But How???” How does she set these shots up???


    Sort of Casablanca-like? Well, maybe…

    Anyway, I still love it!

  14. Amazing photo from an amazing photographer. Congrats Jordana!

  15. I love this image!!! it’s a really strong image ad dosen’t really need any other images to support it…right!!! off to her blog to check out more images

  16. Wow, such a mesmerizing photo! Simple yet dramatic. The photographer not only captured the face of the lovely bride all dressed up in her beautiful wedding gown… but the picture also speaks of sadness, longing and regret. One amazing, perfect shot…Bravo!

  17. amazing photographer,I like his works.

  18. Fantastic photo. The dress is just gorgeous and I love the background of all the planes.

  19. Very beautiful photo!

  20. Beautiful image once again. Stunning.

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