Best Honeymoon Blog Goes to the Globetrotting Bride

Posted on May 13th, 2009 by Monica in Awards

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It has been a long time since I have given this award away. I just have a hard time finding great travel blogs out there. That is until I stumbled upon this one. The Globetrotting Bride, while not totally a honeymoon blog is definitely a awesome travel blog. I found it to be a great resource for planning a trip of any kind.


I loved her recent post about Dale Chihuly’s art in Sedona Arizona mostly because he is my favorite artist and from my home town.

She has great travel tips, and the low down on cities to visit. If you are planning a honeymoon or a trip of any kind this is a blog to follow.


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  1. thanks for recommending this. I love it now.

  2. Blog Travel and Tour » Globetrotting Bride Wins Best Honeymoon Blog Award! Says:

    [...] Bride was named Best Honeymoon Blog by the Wedding Blog Awards! Click here to read the story. And, if you have any great blogs you’d like to nominate, email them at [...]

  3. [...] Best Honeymoon Blog Goes to the Globetrotting Bride [...]

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  5. Congratulations to Globetrotting Bride!

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  13. Credit given where credit’s due - Globetrotting Bride is definitely one of my favourite wedding blogs :)

  14. Congratulations to Globetrotting Bride!

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