Photo of the Week Goes to Next Exit Photography

Posted on May 6th, 2009 by Monica in Photo Of The Week

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I have to say Next Exit Photography is one of my absolute favorite photographers. They definitely make my top ten list, and if I was choosing a photographer from my wedding they would be one that I would seriously consider.


I could have chosen just about any of Cat and Adi’s photos for photo of the week but I had to go with just one. I chose this one because I think that it really shows off the clarity of their images. I really love the motion in this photo as well. You can subscribe to their blog here.


23 Responses to “Photo of the Week Goes to Next Exit Photography”

  1. well deserved :)

  2. OMG!!! We are so honored to have received this acknowledgment!
    I LOVE this site and couldn’t be more excited.

  3. Good job!

  4. That is a well deserved picture and award. One question though, who designed the dress? It is just as gorgeous as the photo.

  5. Amazing Picture!

  6. This is a great photographer. Unique & fun photos for your wedding day.

  7. I LOVE Next Exit… they are awesome! :)

  8. Simplicity is key to a great image. Well done.

  9. great shot

  10. Where are they located?

  11. Great Job.

  12. Wow nice photo continue sharing.

  13. What a cool photo thanks for sharing.

  14. Lovely photo, is it just me but does she look like Julie Roberts?

  15. Beautiful photo!! Love the perspective. Gorgeous model. The dress is stunning too.

  16. Awesome photo!! Does anyone knows who is the designer of her dress?

  17. Love the photo. Dress is amazing.

  18. Lovely photo……

  19. Such and amazing photograph with a lovely dress. She looks like a vey happy bride :-)

  20. Amazing wedding dress, one of the best wedding photo ever

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